Welcome to euenvironmentblog

Why does the world need another blog?

My name is Michael Warhurst, and I am launching this personal blog in order to post information about an issue that I think is important – environmental policy – focussing on a region which is particularly important, the European Union (EU).

I first thought about launching a blog on this subject at the start of 2007, and myself and my wife, Germana Canzi, set up the ‘europeplanetearth‘ blog. For various reasons we never quite managed to get the blog moving (though there are a few posts). Germana later set up a company, and used the europeplanetearth name for it; she also has a blog about the European Elections & the European Parliament – EUr vote matters.

Anyway, coming back to the present (early July 2009), I decided to finally go for it with the blog. I’m doing this because (like many who work on EU environment policy), I feel that this is an area of great importance but very low profile.

The European Union (EU) is now made up of 27 countries, with a population of just under 500 million people (see ‘What is the EU‘ on this site for more details). The EU is rich by global standards, and includes the countries that started the industrial revolution.

In the last few decades, the EU has become one of the leading environmental regulators in the world, agreeing regulations to control factory pollution, chemicals in toys and protection of biodiversity, to name just a few.

The world is facing massive environmental challenges, not least climate change. What can the EU – and its environmental policies – do to help move us towards a sustainable future? The EU has the power to do a huge amount – but does it have the political will? The EU structures are essentially democratic – but will the EU public or media realise what is actually happening (or will they just follow the myths?).

A new European Parliament is just starting work, there will be a new European Commission in the autumn, and the world is gearing up for the vital Copenhagen climate summit in the autumn… seems like a good time to finally start the blog!


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