Polish partners continue to cause problems for Cameron

There’s more problems for David Cameron’s Conservative MEPs in the UK’s Sunday newspapers.

The Observer is reporting that:

One of the most respected figures in the British Jewish community has called on David Cameron to cut all links with the Polish MEP chosen to lead the new centre-right group in the European Parliament, which includes the UK Conservative party, because of his attitude towards a massacre of 1,600 Jews in Poland during the Second World War.

Rabbi Barry Marcus, of the Central Synagogue in London, who has studied the fate of Jews in the north-west Polish town of Jedwabne, said he had “watched in horror” at the appointment last week of Michal Kaminski as chairman of the new European Conservative and Reformist Group (ECR), which now includes the 25 Tory MEPs.

The rabbi told the Observer that he had known for some time that Kaminski, who was Jedwabne’s local MP, was involved in 2001 in a campaign to oppose a national apology for the massacre on its 60th anniversary in July 2001. The rabbi said: “There needs to be some form of statement [from the Conservatives] of disassociation and condemnation. Otherwise they will appear to be condoning these views. Even if one person like this is in power in a democratic process, that is worrying. It is not building bridges. We want to build bridges.”

Meanwhile, in the Independent on Sunday, Joan Smith is also very critical of the new group, and goes back to the original reason why David Cameron committed to leave the European People’s Party during his successful campaign for the Conservative leadership:

Last week’s spectacular bust-up has its origins in a tense moment during the Tory leadership contest in 2005, when Liam Fox was about to withdraw as a candidate. David Davis, a former Europe minister, was not prepared to match Fox’s show-stopping pledge to pull Tory MEPs out of the EPP, but Cameron was. It won him the leadership, but at a cost that has been fully revealed only in the past few days.



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