What’s the Parliament’s Environment committee done in the last 5 years?

If you want to know what the European Parliament’s Committee on Environment, Health and Food Safety have done in the last 5 years (‘The 6th Parliamentary Term’), they have produced a 189 page (!!) activity report

The report demonstrates the importance of this committee, as it led the Parliament’s discussion for almost 1/4 of all codecision laws passed by the parliament:

[Codecision = Parliament and Council must reach agreement, Consultation = Parliament can comment, but Council decides]

During the 6th parliamentary term, the Environment Committee was responsible as a lead committee for 172 procedures. This figure includes both legislative (114 co-decision procedures, 16 consultation procedures) and nonlegislative (38 initiative reports and several comitology-related procedures) procedures. Over 200 reports were adopted. …

Of 114 co-decision (COD) procedures, 96 were successfully concluded by a final vote of the 6th European Parliament. Those 96 procedures represent almost one quarter of the total of the approximately 400 co-decision procedures which were successfully concluded by the 6th Parliament.

Co-decision procedures were concluded at the following stages:

o 9 procedures were concluded at 3rd reading (=9.4%)

o 28 were concluded at 2nd reading (=29.3%)

o 59 were concluded at 1st reading (=61.3%)

I hadn’t realised was quite how many procedures are agreed at ‘First Reading’ – i.e. an agreement is reached between Parliament and Member State governments early in the process, rather the two sides disagreeing at the first reading and compromising on the second reading, or even the third reading (conciliation).


2 thoughts on “What’s the Parliament’s Environment committee done in the last 5 years?

  1. Andy

    There is a definition of ‘comitology’ on the Europa website (see: http://europa.eu/scadplus/glossary/comitology_en.htm). I quote ‘In accordance with Article 202 of the Treaty establishing the European Community (ECT), it is the task of the Commission to implement legislation at Community level. In practice, each legislative instrument specifies the scope of the implementing powers conferred on the Commission by the Council of the European Union. In this context, the Treaty provides for the Commission to be assisted by a committee, in line with the procedure known as “comitology”.’

    A wikipedia entry also explains the term: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comitology




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