Europe’s resource use – our role, our responsibility

Friends of the Earth Europe has today released a new report “Overconsumption? Our use of the world’s natural resources”

As my quotes in the press release say:

“Europe is using an ever-increasing amount of the world’s resources, and our society is already very dependant on imports of materials – yet we have no targets to reduce this resource use, and new policies are not assessed for their potential to increase our resource efficiency.

“Friends of the Earth Europe is calling on the EU to take the first steps to tackle this issue through ensuring that our resource use is measured, and by adopting new policies to increase our resource efficiency, such as higher recycling targets. The EU must also start to devise long term targets and strategies in order to radically reduce our resource use.”

We have already made proposals on how Europe could measure its resource use – see our paper ‘Measuring Europe’s Resource Use‘ which we published in the summer.

There is already an active discussion on resource use at EU level, including industry groups such as the main German business association (the BDI) arguing that Europe is facing a ‘Resource Gap‘. It looks like it’ll be an important part of the agenda for the next Commission….



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