Some important changes in the new Commission

Following on from the previous post, Barroso has made a number of changes to the division of responsibilities in the new Commission – here’s some notable changes:

  • A new DG Climate Action has been created, made up of the climate section of the old DG Environment
  • Energy and Transport have been separated, creating a DG Energy and a DG Transport
  • DG Health and Consumer Policy (which has often been called DG Sanco) has been strengthened with the transfer of some key regulatory dossiers – pharmaceutical products and cosmetics, including the Medicines agency (from DG Enterprise) and biotechnology & pesticides (from DG Environment)
  • DG Enterprise is now called DG Industry and Entrepreneurship, and though it looses pharmaceuticals, it retains the regulation of chemicals. This is unfortunate, given the inherent conflict of interest between a department that both promotes an industry and regulates its environmental and health impacts.

A full description of the new Commission structure is available in this document.



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