The new (nominees) for the European Commission

President Barroso has announced his new commission (who will be subject to approval by the European Parliament).

The Commissioner-designate for the Environment is Janez Potocnik (Slovenia), who was Commissioner for Research in the last Commission, the new DG ‘Climate Action’ nominee is Connie Hedegaard from Denmark.

The third document linked below explains the new DG Climate Action:
DG Climate Action (to be set up before Summer 2010): core of DG Climate Action will be the existing Directorate C of DG Environment (ENV) except the Clean Air Unit ENV C.3 that will remain in DG Environment.”

Here are the changes to DG Environment:
Changes for DG ENV: – The Climate Directorate ENV C moves from DG ENV to the new DG for Climate Action (except the Clean Air Unit C.3); – The Civil Protection Units ENV A.3. and ENV A.4 move from DG ENV to DG Humanitarian Aid (ECHO); – The Biotechnology, Pesticides and Health Unit ENV D.4 moves from DG ENV to DG Health and Consumers (SANCO).”

The press release is here:

Photos linked to brief CVs [NB: this page has since vanished; it may return…]:

The detailed portfolios are here:



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