Re-starting this blog…

It’s a long time since I posted anything on this blog I’m afraid!

Things have been very busy both at work (as resource efficiency has moved to be a major issue) and at home (an almost one year old & a 4 1/2 year old). This hasn’t left much time for blogging.

In addition, I’ve been tweeting on @mwarhurst – I’ve found this to be a very effective method of highlighting interesting articles & blog posts, and for making the odd comment too – mainly related to EU policy & the environment.

However, twitter has its frustrations – there is a limit to what you can say in 140 characters! You can cheat a bit by using multiple tweets, or even services for longer tweets, though neither of these is very elegant – or effective – with most twitter clients.

I’ve therefore decided that it’s time I restarted this blog, though I’m probably going to stick to quite short entries (but longer than 140 characters of course…).

More soon…..



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