I started a web site on hormone disrupting chemicals 20 years ago….

In July 1995 – 20 years ago – I started a web site on hormone disrupting chemicals.

I’ve got a full backup of the site as it was on 5th September 1995 – here’s a pdf of the front page.

A later version of the web site was up until 2018, when TalkTalk stopped providing web space. However, the site is still available on the Internet Archive ‘Wayback Machine’ – here’s the pages as they were in March 2000. [This paragraph was updated in April 2019 to remove the original link & add a ‘wayback’ link]. 

There are two things that I find interesting, looking back at this old site:

1) The pages give an idea of what web sites looked like 20 years ago.

2) My 20 year old page talks about bisphenol A, phthalates and alkylphenols – and if you look at any current debate on hormone disrupting chemicals we are still talking about the same chemicals. See for example the CHEM trust web site (where I am now Executive Director), or Chemical Watch‘s reporting. This shows just how long it is taking to resolve the issue of hormone disrupting chemicals!

Despite slow progress, many uses of these chemicals have been restricted in the last 20 years, at least within the European Union (EU). The EU has also created and introduced a new, more effective, system for regulating chemicals (REACH), including processes such as ‘Authorisation’, which are making a difference, though they aren’t perfect.

The EU is now trying to determine criteria to identify hormone disrupting chemicals – but this process has been severely delayed by massive industry lobbying.

There’s an up to date introduction to hormone (or endocrine) disrupting chemicals on the CHEM Trust site – and follow @CHEMTrust on Twitter to keep in touch with what is going on.



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